Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

With the exponential growth of large volumes of information, business intelligence locked in heterogeneous silos, unstructured format of data, and at a certain stage the unavailability of data has posed challenges to many enterprises and struggle to utilize information and business efficiently.

Trident Technology LLC aims at delivering a complete data warehousing services to help business executives to analyze, organize, develop, integrate, implement, maintaining, and upgrading data with advanced methodologies. A data in a data warehouse help executives to use and making a decision.

Data Warehousing (DW) at Trident Technology LLC offers customized end-to-end solutions to keep update about reporting and analytics, maintenance and support in the evolving business changing world tailored to many diversify industries. We help organizations and enterprises in information processing, analytical processing and data mining, which are widely benefited for many enterprises and businesses.

What is a Data Warehouse?

A Data Warehouse (DW or DWH), is also known as an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), is a centralized store for all data generated by the departments of a large enterprise organization. It is a system specially designed to generate reports and data analysis process and is regarded as the core component of business intelligence (BI). The data warehouse extracts huge streams of data coming from disparate sources.

A data warehouse is a database designed to enable for analytical rather transaction processing. It is designed to store, process, and access large volumes of data, support in reporting, business intelligence (BI), analytics, decision support, data mining, and other related activities.

A data warehouse is subject-oriented, geared towards flexible analytical processing of high volumes of data, on the other hand, operational databases is a transaction or process-oriented.

Why Data Warehouse?

  • ● Data Warehouse is kept separate from the organization’s operational database.

  • ● It does not require frequent updating.

  • ● It allows processing consolidated historical data, which helps organizations to analyze its business.

  • ● Data warehouse helps executives to organize, understand, and use their data to make strategic decisions.

  • ● It helps in integrating information and data of diversifying application systems needed for business.

  • ● It allows end users to interact with the data stored in the database.

To improvise the quality of data, we constantly find and fix the errors in data and converting the data from legacy format to warehouse format.

Benefits of Data warehousing include:

  • ● DW Analysis and Planning.

  • ● Data Warehouse Provides High Performance.

  • ● Intelligent Data Integration.

  • ● Quick Response Time.

  • ● Improvise Quality, Efficiency, and Consistency.

  • ● Analytical Insights and Historical Processing of Information.

  • ● Data Warehouse Helps in Strategic Decisions.

Why Trident Technology LLC?

  • ● DW Integration & Implementation.

  • ● Detailed Analysis and Planning.

  • ● Application Implementation and Support.

  • ● Enterprise Data Management Services.

  • ● Customized Tools and Utilities.

  • ● Strong expertise in complex and large Data Warehouses.

  • ● Dedicated team of Certified Developers and Consultants with strong functional and technical skills.

Our team has a profound knowledge and experience in the data warehouse that helps enterprises in accessing to accurate and appropriate data quicker. With comprehensive data warehouse services, we customized solutions that are integrated to align business ensure that your data is kept securely and safely.