Staff Augmentation

Trident Technology LLC like most staff augmentation companies use resources from around the world, they are able to provide personnel at a significantly lower cost. To give you an idea of the average savings that staff augmentation can provide, here are some of the positions and the associated savings we were able to provide to our clients: Help Desk: 46.14% Cost Savings Systems Engineer: 48.77% Cost Savings Software Developer: 52% Cost Savings Quality Assurance Specialist: 55% Cost Savings

In addition to lower salary costs, you will be able to save on expenses related to an office computer, equipment, and space since the staff will be working remotely.

Full Control of Staff As detailed in the section “Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services,” the staff will be essentially your own employee, which gives you full oversight regarding his or her hours, tasks, processes, and more. This lets you have as much control on the outcome of a certain task or project.

Increase or Reduce Staff On-Demand Staff augmentation lets you easily add or cut resources based on your company’s requirements. For example, if you received a project that requires special skills exclusive to that project, you can temporarily add resources through staff augmentation and cut them once the project is completed. This method lets you scale your business in a less risky and costly manner since you are not hiring full-time employees.

Eliminate Recruitment Overhead and HR Management With staff augmentation, the provider is responsible for the recruitment and HR management of the staff you require. This allows you to save on time and costs associated with recruiting staff and redirecting resources to more critical positions or HR tasks that your business needs.

Access to a Larger Pool of Specialized Professionals Since most staff augmentation companies have branches around the world, you can have access to a larger pool of talent and not be limited to your area. This lets you hire specific or niche skills quicker and fulfill your requirements on time. Additionally, cities and countries often have specialized skills they cultivate and promote, which provides you the option to find top talent on a specific ability or knowledge.