Staff Augmentation

The Trident Tech provides effective outsourcing strategy in the Staff Augmentation industry to service for companies ranging from small size to fortune 500 companies. Our unique technique consists of evaluating the skills and talent of the staff that are required to fit in the IT industry.

There has been a vast marginal benefit in staff augmentation, which is increasing because of abundance IT resources. It gives flexibility to hire short-term or long-term based upon the duration and type of projects you are planning.

We have an expert team of staff augmentation team who is well-versed in their skills and tremendous knowledge in IT and Software industry that helps you in finding the right pool of talent.Our proven capabilities in providing high quality on-demand IT and Software staff in niche skills in the areas across a wide spectrum of information technology have resulted in successful completion of projects in various areas including:

  • ● Enterprise Architecture.

  • ● Systems Engineering.

  • ● Systems Analysis and Integration.

  • ● Enterprise Mobile and Web Application Development.

  • ● Project Management.

  • ● Business Analysis.

  • ● Quality Assurance & Testing.

  • ● Enterprise Performance Management.

  • ● Database & Data Warehouse Development and Administration.

  • ● Business Intelligence.

  • ● Big Data and Analytics.

  • ● Cloud, Storage, Web Services and Security.

As a leading provider in Staff Augmentation, we at The Trident Tech provide you with customized solutions to meet your requirements by understanding the specific skills your organization is looking for that help in operating your business and achieve specific goals.Choosing staff augmentation services give you larger benefits for your business in many ways, which includes:

  • ● Reduces hiring timelines.

  • ● Maximize Flexibility.

  • ● Monitoring Daily Tasks of Team Member.

  • ● Focus on Skilled Staff.

  • ● Reduce Training Cost.

  • ● Hiring/Recruitment Made Easiers.

  • ● Cost-effective Process.

  • ● Qualified Local Job Market Resources.

  • ● Contract-to-Hire option after 6 months with no conversion fee.

  • ● Dedicated POC–one single point of contact for all your staffing needs.

  • ● Client Satisfaction.

We are committed to provide qualified resources and for any reason if the consultant fails to work out within 10 days, then you are under no obligation to pay for hours worked and you will be provided with a replacement, focusing on the client’s satisfaction and building the trust.

Whatever is required to find and hire the right IT professionals, whether for a contract basis, period of a few months or for a long-term, we will work in staff augmentation in the most flexible mode within the prescribe timeline in the cost-effective manner.