Use comprehensive mode of training to strengthen your team to identify priorities and tools with advanced skill sets.

At Trident Technology LLC, you will find a complete training via online, on-site, or through a virtual mode that covers the core components of IT with the entire spectrum of Big Data, Business Analytics, Oracle EPM/BI Solutions, including Data Warehousing, DevOps and AWS that allows you to master the skill sets needed to implement, develop, control, and manage end-to-end operations using Oracle EPM/BI Solutions.

This proven interactive environment with business endeavors combines people, technology, and processes to deliver solutions across industry specific sectors driven by development, applications, deployment, testing, software solutions, and security, which have been adopted rapidly to enhance smooth business operations at various levels of enterprises and organizations with newfound possibilities of technologies.

Classroom Training Format

We offer classroom training, onsite training, or virtual training that gives you a convenient way to advance into the next level of your career.

Classroom Training: Classroom training with a minimum of 5 students gives an opportunity to enhance interactive session delivered by professional trainers creating a dynamic environment for students to ask questions, to give them a chance to learn, and focus on developing skills. You will get a real-time exposure in handling projects with practical learning exposure across various industry specific sectors to expand your career options that determine your goals.

On-Site Training: More and more companies realize the importance of on-site training that gives a true value of flexible options by bringing a live trainer facility at the office, conference center, or corporate organization. Experienced trainers conduct training at your facility that sets up the date at your convenience level, focus on course tailored to your organization needs, dynamic and interactive learning experience, substantial saves travel-time and cost.

Virtual Training: If your team members located across the world, then Trident Technology LLC creates virtual or simulated training environment at a distance learning platform, which incorporates course materials, homework, tests, assessments, and other tools that are external to the classroom experience. Virtual training can be done synchronously or asynchronously.

Private Client Training: We provide training either through onsite, virtual classroom, or at your office locations.

Benefits of Training

  • ● Provide training for developers, administrators, software testers, and power users.

  • ● Improves team confidence level, deepens knowledge, and competency with technical skills by understanding core concepts of IT requirements connecting business needs.

  • ● Real-time practical exposure at various industry specific sectors, business structure, and environment.

  • ● Increases team efficiency.

  • ● Interactive, exercise-driven instruction proven to increase engagement and retention.

  • ● A well-balanced pace to cover up course modules – a true value of time.

At Trident Technology LLC, we believe that getting trained to acquire more knowledge adds up your skill level and keep pace with evolving technologies. By customizing IT training, we help professionals to update and upgrade their skills consistently.